Yin Yoga training with Jo Phee October 2019 (65 hours YA)- VOL!

Yin Yoga training with Jo Phee October 2019 (65 hours YA)- VOL!

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Yin Yang Flow

History of Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice
Yang Warmups
Yin Yang Flow Sequences
Yin Poses & Prop Usage
Yin Yoga Infant Series
Qi Cultivation Practices
Motoyama Meridian Ki Exercises
When to Teach Yin or Yang Yoga
Sequencing & Teaching Methodology

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra – Science, Theory and Practice
How to Teach Yoga Nidra
Group Teaching Practicum
Anatomy of Yoga (Shoulders)

Functional Anatomy (Shoulder)

Skeletal Variations (Shoulder)
Posture Analysis Lab (Shoulder)
Dysfunctions & Treatments (Shoulders)
Theory of Exercise & Pain

After this course you will feel prepared to integrate the Yang flows and Yoga nidra into your own practice and teaching.

Jo is one of the first certified Yin Yoga teachers in the world and is also a senior trainer in Yin Yoga teacher training programs. She is a long time student and senior assistant for both founders of Yin Yoga Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers. She has completed 1000+ hours of training with Paul and was personally mentored by him to teach his entire training curriculum. She has studied with Sarah for more than a decade and is currently undergoing mentorship with Sarah to be the mentor teacher for new graduates of Sarah’s institute. With more than a decade of teaching experience, Jo has dedicated the past decade solely to teaching Yin Yoga. She has since clocked in 10,000+ hours of teaching public Yin classes and has conducted over 50 Yin Yoga teacher trainings around the world. This Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is endorsed by both Paul and Sarah.

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M.P Lindostraat 4 Utrecht
Dates and time:
4th-10th October 2019 8:00-17:30 each day
1525 euro
65 hours Yoga-alliance CE